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Renovation and restoration of the roof and façade of Stāmeriena Palace


Gulbene municipality


RERE Meistari 1


Stameriena parish, Vecstameriena, Gulbene district

Year of commissioning


Construction status


Within the framework of the project, RERE Meistari will restore and renovate the roof and facade of Stameriena Palace, including the restoration of the upper floor of the palace.

After the restoration works, the volume of Stameriena Palace will be restored, which was created more expressive and compositional more immediately after the burning of the palace in 1905. It is planned to preserve and restore the plaster finish of various facades. By restoring its lost fragments, the full-sounding image of the historical facade will be restored, at the same time resuscitating the various plaster texture techniques used in the past.

After their restoration, the roof structures of the palace will be covered with natural material, replacing the concrete tiles, which were probably laid for reasons of economy, and thus returning to the original, but destroyed by fire, slate or natural slate.

Both the application of the long-forgotten methods of creating plaster textures and the covering of the complex volumes and roofs of the palace with natural slate are a serious investment in maintaining and improving the skills of construction trades.

Extensive window restoration will be carried out, preserving more than 100-year-old windows for later life. The tinsmith will work to create high-quality and unique roof drains, cornices and window sills, as well as quite luxurious funnels for rainwater collection.

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