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Pauls Stradins Clinical University Hospital, Block A


State Ltd. "Pauls Stradins Clinical University Hospital"




General partnership "SBRE"

Object type

New building


Pilsoņu Street 13, Riga

Year of commissioning


Construction status


The following works are implemented, during the project:

The 1st stage works of the new building of Pauls Stradiņš Clinical University Hospital provide for construction of building A and an extensive, sovereignly placed power unit, where power distribution unit, diesel generators for 1st and 2nd stage buildings, fire safety systems and gas heating boiler house are located. The power unit volume has two floors with technical tunnel for utilities, which is connected to the building A. The capacity of built-in equipment is high in conformity with requirements of the hospital.

Monolithic concreting is used as the basic technology in the construction of building A and the power unit, ceramsite blocks are used for construction of load-bearing interior walls, whereas in the part of roof metal bearing structures are created, filled with concrete. The energy efficient wall panels and ventilated façade will serve as a guarantee for capability of the building to save thermal energy, during exploitation.

The atrium of building A serves as the connecting unit for 3 volumes, each floor of the atrium is special with its different curved shape gallery. The reconstructed tunnel, which is actually newly built in several stages, connects the atrium to the historic building No. 32 of the hospital. In the courtyard, a terrace is created on the level of second floor with integrated 1st floor skylight windows. Buildings are constructed four floors high, only the so called tower part is higher with 7 floors, where offices and administration premises will be situated, whereas technical rooms for cooling and ventilation equipment will be located alongside them. A café with curved shape metal/glass structure facade will be situated on the first floor of the building. Improvement works of the 1st stage include improvement of green area and construction of parking lot alongside the building No. 1.


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