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House of Letters of the University of Latvia


University of Latvia






University of Latvia, Academic Center Tornakalns

Construction status

In progress

The indoor area of the House of Letters will be larger than that of the House of Nature and the House of Sciences. Six Faculties of Humanities and Social Sciences of the University of Latvia will move to the House of Letters: Faculty of History and Philosophy; Faculty of Pedagogy, Psychology and Art; Faculty of Social Sciences; Faculty of Humanities; Faculty of Business, Management and Economics; and Faculty of Theology. It is planned that the new building will also house three institutes: Latvian Institute of History; Institute of Philosophy and Sociology; and Institute of the Latvian Language. The University of Latvia Student Business Incubator, the University of Latvia Interdisciplinary Education Innovation Center and the University of Latvia Library will also move to the building.

It is estimated that the House of Letters will hold a total of 830 workplaces, 110 auditoriums, a significant number of IT laboratories, a multimedia studio, a prototyping laboratory, design and art workshops, a meditation room, a gym, and other facilities.

Along with the construction of the House of Letters, a large part of the territory of the Academic Center of the University of Latvia will be landscaped in order to create an attractive outdoor space for the Academic Center for students, employees and visitors. Having constructed the House of Letters, most of the potential of the exact, medical, life, humanities and social sciences of the University of Latvia will be concentrated in one place, promoting synergy and consolidation of study and research areas, ensuring resource sharing.


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