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Development of water management infrastructure in Baldone city


SIA "Būks"



Year of commissioning


Construction status


Procurement procedures have been completed and contracts have been signed on the rights to perform construction works and construction supervision for the implementation of the Cohesion Fund project “Development of Water Management Infrastructure in Baldone City” (No.
The objective of this project is to ensure the availability of the use of public water management services for residents, including the improvement of the quality of services, ensuring a high quality living environment by reducing environmental pollution and the eutrophication of water bodies as well as the promotion of the fulfilment of the requirements of the European Union directives in the area of water management.

The Cohesion Fund project will involve the construction of new external engineering communications - 7.4 km long main sewage network with 5 (five) sewage pressure networks and 1.3 km long pressure pipe, also constructing 1.8 km long branches to each property as well as 7.7 km long main water pipeline, constructing 1.6 km long branches to each property. The outcome indicator to be achieved during the implementation of the project - the number of additionally connected users of centralised sewage services by 2022 is 650 residents, ensuring the availability of services to 65% of users. The total costs of the project are estimated at EUR 5,531,672.94 (including VAT). The co-financing of the Cohesion Fund is 85% of the eligible costs of the project and constitutes EUR 1,874,301.75.

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