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Development of the infrastructure that is necessary for business development in Garciems of the Carnikava district


Carnikava Municipality Agency “Carnikavas Komunālserviss”




Carnikava, Carnikava county Garciems and Mežgarciems.

Year of commissioning


Construction status


Works intended within the framework of construction works:

  • Construction of road coverings;
  • Installation of traffic equipment;
  • Construction of street lighting;
  • Construction of electricity supply network;
  • Wood sawing;
  • Construction of land-based sites;
  • Construction of electricity supply networks;
  • Conversion of electronic communications networks;
  • Various dismantling works;
  • Improvement work;
  • Construction of water supply network;
  • Construction of artificial drilling;
  • Construction of drinking water reservoir;
  • Construction of water preparation station
  • Construction of municipal sewer self-current and printing networks;
  • Construction of sewer pumping stations;
  • Construction of biological municipal wastewater treatment plant;
  • Construction of cable sewers;
  • Reconstruction, displacement of the environmental object-wall “Iron curtain”;
  • Building a fence.
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