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Building 13 of Riga 1st Hospital


Riga City Council Property Department


RERE Meistari 1

Year of commissioning


Construction status


The condition of the building facade was poor prior to the commencement of works – the once bright yellow surface had become dark, it had absorbed the pollution of the urban environment and was covered with gypsum. The most part of the wall had slight damage, fragmentary also significant loss of mass and volume, some bricks were eroded and had a disintegrating surface. The facade also had fragments of additionally constructed walls during later construction periods (for the Northern facade, on the yard side) and corrections made by using cement mortar. Seams of the brick wall had eroded and fallen out at some places. Significant damage caused by salt was detected at the plinth part. The damage caused by salt was also detected near the central facade entrances at the level of loggia and under balconies.

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