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Reconstruction of the building of Jelgava State Gymnasium


Jelgava City Municipality

Object type



Lielā iela 2, Jelgava

Year of commissioning


Construction status


The new building will have four floors and 24 classrooms will be set up. Separate premises are planned for drawing and singing classes, as well as for the classroom of physics, chemistry and natural sciences. A gymnastics hall with a changing room, as well as premises for a doctor's and dentist's cabinet, and a separate laboratory for needs of school doctor will be set up in the new building. The dining hall will accommodate approximately 300 students. Large and convenient manual training workshops are intended to be set up for boys. In addition, also a library and archives will be located in the building. Two large terraces will be constructed on the roof floor, where students will have a chance to exercise outdoors during an appropriate season. Also new communications – heating, sewerage, water pipe, gas and electricity – will be installed, adjusting them to the existing arrangement of premises.


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