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 Conservation of Cesis Castle ruins and reconstruction of the castle complex



Year of commissioning


Construction status


Conservation and adjustment for the visitors of several parts of Cesis Castle, which are in emergency condition, will be carried out, the adjacent territory of the castle will be improved, a shelter for organising medieval feasts and workshops for masters of old crafts will be constructed.
The most extensive conservation and restoration works will take place at the Southern Tower, also called the Long Hermann. The project will involve not only conservation of six hundred years old stone wall structures of the tower, but also renovation of intermediate floor coverings. In 2019, a multimedial exhibition “Life on a Powder Keg” will be opened in the tower, which will tell about the tense geopolitical situation in Livonia 500 years ago.
Extensive conservation works will be carried out also in the former dining hall, capitol hall and chapel of the castle. As a result of these works, the parts of the castle, which are currently in emergency condition, will be available for safe observation.

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