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Restoration of Melluzi Open-air Stage


Jurmala City Council


RERE Meistari

Object type



Melluzu prospekts 6, Melluzi

Year of commissioning


Construction status


Restoration of Melluzi Open-air Stage, reconstruction of the bar or Milk pavilion building and improvement of the surrounding territory.


Reconstruction of the complex includes the restoration of the stage and seats, the reconstruction of the bar building or the Milk pavilion and the improvement of the adjacent territory. The processing building will be restored to its original appearance, while the old building of the Milk pavilion had to be demolished due to its poor technical condition and a new building will be built in its place, preserving its historical appearance. There will be public facilities for events, including events organized by local artists, as well as utility rooms. In accordance with the historical appearance, the building of the Milk pavilion will be supplemented with wooden roller constructions, which will partially fulfill the functions of sound insulation and canopy - gallery.

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