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Reconstruction of a section of Miera Street in Salaspils


Salaspils Municipality Council




SIA Tomus

Object type

Infrastructure object, road reconstruction


Miera Street, Salaspils

Year of commissioning


Construction status


The following works were performed during the project:

The construction of new asphalt with an area of 3,000 m2 was carried out within the framework of reconstruction works. The project involved dismantling works, bridge dismantling works and installation of plastic culverts. Pavement covering was installed on parking lots of passenger cars and road exits, and also earthworks were performed, which involved excavation and embankments with volume 4,000 m3, reinforcement of ditch slopes and construction of concrete pavement with area 3,000 m2. The reconstruction works also included installation of pedestrian safety barriers and two bus stop pavilions. Within the framework of territory improvement works, a bicycle stand, park bench, waste bins and new traffic signs were installed. The existing communication overhead cable line was also reconstructed during the project and the construction of a communication sewer. In addition, the communication and power supply network was reconstructed and street lighting and a closed rainwater drainage system were constructed.

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