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Implementation of energy efficiency measures in the building complex of Bulduri Horticultural Secondary School


Bulduru Dārzkopības vidusskola


SIA RERE Meistari




Viestura iela 6, Jūrmala

Construction status

In progress

The construction project “Implementation of Energy Efficiency Measures in the Building Complex of Bulduri Horticultural Secondary School at 6 Viestura Street, Jurmala” includes the reconstruction of two 5-storey dormitory buildings, insulation of Bulduri Horticultural Secondary School building facades and replacement of engineering networks throughout the school building.

The direct goal of the project is to renovate buildings in order to reduce the heat leakage into the environment, improve the building's energy efficiency, reduce building maintenance costs and increase the building's sustainability and quality as well as improve the building's aesthetic appearance and technical condition.

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