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Extension of the administrative building of Stopiņi Municipality Council, Phase I


Stopiņi Municipality Council


SIA RERE Meistari


Institūta street 1a, Ulbroka, Stopiņi municipality

Construction status

In progress

The aim of the project is to expand the premises of the Council building to ensure accessible and comfortable work of the Council. In order to achieve the goal, it is intended to construct a two-story extension with a basement to the existing Council building, improving the surrounding territory, ensuring modern and architecturally pleasant environment. A gable roof is intended for the designed extension. It is planned to build the necessary engineering networks in the designed territory - drainage networks, domestic sewerage networks, rainwater sewerage networks, water supply, electrical networks, heating main. The construction project is planned to be implemented in two construction phases, so that the operation of the existing building would not be disturbed during the construction of phase 1. In turn, when starting the 2nd phase of construction, the volume of the newly built extension must be fully functional. 


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