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Development project of the building complex and premises of the Riga Technical School for Arts and Media


Riga Technical School for Arts and Media




Jūrmalas gatve 90 and Jūrmalas gatve 96, Riga, LV-1029

Year of commissioning


Construction status


The priority of the school development programme is the creation of a new multifunctional study building providing a large study space – a “black box” filming studio.

It is planned to build three floors of monolithic reinforced concrete. The roof will be constructed of coverage panels and steel structures. 1,670 m2 of floating floors will be built throughout the building. The facade is to be built from sawn wooden boards and laths (1,383 m2), which will be painted with black tar paint. A lift will be built inside the building connecting all three floors of the building.

The project envisages the expansion of this important urban planning area and the creation of a well-maintained and organised pedestrian street, also serving as an access road to the new building. The inner street will be paved, with greenery, equipped with recreation areas and providing many ways on how to use the outdoor space.

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