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Renovation of the facade, increase of energy efficiency for the building of Līgatne pre-school educational institution


Cēsis municipality Līgatne Alliance Administration


SIA RERE Meistari

Object type

Reconstruction and restoration


Gaujas street 7, Līgatne, Cēsis municipality

Year of commissioning


Construction status


Within the framework of the project, it is planned to renovate and restore the facade and roof of the Līgatne pre-school educational institution building, including the renovation and restoration of windows and exterior doors. It is planned to completely dismantle the existing tile roof covering, replace all the roof wooden structures affected by the rot and install a new clay tile covering of an analogous shape. Extensive works are planned for the restoration and conservation of the wooden details of the facade decorative finishing and decorative details of the roof structure. It is also planned to insulate the walls of the attic on the 2nd and 3rd floors of the building, insulate the attic floors, insulate the floors of separate rooms on the 1st floor, build new gutters and gutter systems, manufacture and install underfloor ventilation hatches.

The building of the pre-school educational institution Līgatne is located at Gaujas iela 7, Līgatne, Līgatne municipality. The building is an architectural monument of national significance. The building is an outstanding example of Art Nouveau with features of the so-called summer house or Swiss architectural style. The object is characterized by a high-quality architectural and artistic composition of the facades, very high-quality decorative finishing details and carpentry elements. The authentic construction volume, facade finishes and construction details have been fully preserved.


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