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Liepaja Yacht Port is now put into operation

The Construction Board Commission of the Liepaja Municipal Institution has accepted into operation the Yacht Port of the Liepaja Special Economic Zone Administration constructed by RERE Meistari.

"We can be proud of a modern yacht port in the city centre, which will be able to accommodate up to 50 yachts and will delight not only Liepaja residents, but also city guests, especially yachtsmen," says Jānis Lapiņš, the manager of Liepaja Special Economic Zone.

The modernization and construction of the Liepaja Yacht Port was a long-awaited and much-needed project, so that the service offered to yachtsmen in Liepaja did not lag behind other Baltic Sea yacht ports. Floating berths for at least 50 yachts are now built and fences are installed for access. Another significant benefit is the modern service building, which will have an office, visitors' showers, toilets and laundry, as well as other necessary amenities in one place.

Back on May 14, the Board of Liepaja Special Economic Zone made a decision on the implementation of construction project “Phase 1 of Yacht Port Infrastructure Construction” and decided to enter into an agreement on the implementation of the construction project with LLC “RERE Meistari”. The amount of the contract was 569,265.04 euros, excluding value added tax. The project was implemented within the framework of the INTEREG Estonia-Latvia Cross-Border Cooperation Program (EST-LAT 55), project “Improvement of Sailing Infrastructure and Yacht Harbours Network Building in Estonia and Latvia”.

Kaspars Poņemeckis, the Head of the Security, Protection and Environment Department of the Liepaja Special Economic Zone Administration, admits that the newly built Yacht Port will enable work at a new, higher level: “Finally we will have a yacht port service building where visitors can talk, do laundry, find out about places to visit in Liepaja. The berth infrastructure itself is fully arranged, there will be electricity, water, and security.”

Approximately 50 yachts will be able to anchor at the stationary and floating berths at the same time. Lockable gates are installed at the berths to prevent unauthorized persons from boarding the yachts; environment accessibility is also guaranteed for people with special needs. The construction works were performed by LLC “RERE Meistari”; it is no secret that due to Covid-19 there were some delays with delivery of materials, however, all difficulties were resolved promptly, and the final result is appreciated by the builders themselves. Oskars Šolins, the construction manager of LLC “RERE Meistari”, reveals that the road from the architect’s flow of ideas to the resulting project was rather challenging but everything turned out as planned.

If necessary, the installed floating berths can also be lifted out of the water, but for the time being the weather does not endanger them. The builders say that they are so stable that they hardly swing in the water. “Concrete floating berths are able to operate at wind speeds up to 35 m/s. Each of these concrete stations has four anchors and each anchor weighs 4 tons,” more details are revealed by Oskars Šolins, the Construction Manager of LLC “RERE Meistari”.